Breakout Session: Oral History and Digital Humanities: Shared Interests

Mary Larson

Associate Dean for Special Collections, OSU Libraries


There are a lot of points of intersection between oral history and digital humanities, and as someone with a foot in both methodologies, I am always interested in discussing the places where they overlap. I’d like to have a conversation with other practitioners about where they see those junctures, whether they are meaningful or superficial, and what the areas of similarity say about where both methodologies are headed – either separately or in tandem. A particular area of discussion might be the idea of curation and how our conceptual understandings of it have been evolving in both oral history and digital humanities.

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About David Oberhelman

I am the English, Foreign Languages, Theatre, and Music subject specialist librarian at Oklahoma State University. I hold a PhD in English and a Master's in Library Science, and previously served on the English faculty of Texas Tech University. My research interests include digital humanities (especially in teaching), scholarly communication in the humanities, and in the literary field, J.R.R. Tolkien and British and American fantasy fiction.