Google Earth and Literary Mapping—Breakout Session

Jasmine Mulliken

Visiting Assistant Professor

English, OSU

I would like or this combination-TALK/PLAY session to explore the potentials of using Google Earth or other locative media in literary analysis. For the TALK component, we can use my Mapping Dubliners Project, which maps out the approximately 200 geographical references in James Joyce’s Dubliners, as a lead-in to discuss how maps can inform our interpretation of political and historical themes in literary texts. After looking at some of Google Earth’s functionality in this context, participants can PLAY with Google Earth and experiment with its interface. No prior experience with mapping software is necessary, but participants should be able to download Google Earth on their laptops for the PLAY portion.

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About David Oberhelman

I am the English, Foreign Languages, Theatre, and Music subject specialist librarian at Oklahoma State University. I hold a PhD in English and a Master's in Library Science, and previously served on the English faculty of Texas Tech University. My research interests include digital humanities (especially in teaching), scholarly communication in the humanities, and in the literary field, J.R.R. Tolkien and British and American fantasy fiction.